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with women to succeed and what are the common pitfalls that have to be avoided to get the woman of your dreams.

save Your Hair

Woo Her With Flowers

Women and flowers have a love-love relationship since ages. Emperors used to order development of flower gardens just for their queens. Flowers are the eternal symbols of love. On your first date, take a bunch of flowers for your date. These need not be too expensive. Don’t take red Roses. Take yellow Roses instead if […]
Many men think that there is no place for chivalry these days. Girls may insist that they are independent and prefer doing things themselves. But being a little chivalrous at times never hurts. Every girl likes being treated specially. So opening the car door for your girl or pulling the chair back for her somewhere […]

Are You A Nice Guy?

How would you describe yourself- a nice guy or adventurous, funny, alpha male?

Improve Your Relationships

Relationships are complex things, but following these basics will help you make your relationships healthy and strong.

Buying A Christmas Gift For Your Lady Love

A Christmas gift for your lady love is not easy to select. Most of the men know how to woo women and how to present themselves well.

Why Do Men Batter Women?

In this century when we all talk of exploring mars and reaching help to the deep corners of Africa, is it not only surprising and also….

What If You Are Not An Alpha Male?

There is a lot of talk about alpha male in the articles. Who is an alpha male? Somebody who looks very confident, a winner, has animal appeal, knows how….

Notes About Fatherhood

For most of us, our first father is God. A large majority of the world considers God as their father; or rather call God as their father.

Is Your Relationship Happy And Healthy?

We are social animals. We need to relate to others for various reasons; we cannot exist alone happily. We need others to compare, share, give and take and feel together. Can Enhance Your Relationships

We are all looking for ways to keep our relationships strong. We also look for ways to improve the quality of the relationship.

What Women Search In Men?

Honestly speaking, no body can give an answer to this quiz. Every woman has different personality, goals, desires and mood.

What Do Women Prefer – Look Or Money?

Men and women have different roles in the society. Both the sexes also have different choices. Talking about gender equality cannot ignore the biological differences.

How To Win Women?

Every man has a woman of his dreams. He wants to win over her. He thinks about her and gets no peace till he wins over her. The woman may not be responding to him?

Do You Attract Women?

For many men, attracting women looks very difficult. For few men, it is very simple. The women get attracted to them automatically.

Are You Ready To Be A Father?

Getting married and having children is the way of life fort all of us. The question is – are we ready to get married and after that are we ready to become father?

Learn How To Tell Stories While Dating

Who does not like stories? I am not talking only about children, but also for adults. Whether you are watching television or reading a book, anything in…

How To Negotiate In Relationships?

Negotiation is part of every day life. To negotiate means to arrive at an understanding with another person, so that both are happy and…

Gift Ideas To Pacify Your Angry Girlfriend

Are you facing relationship problems? It happens with many of you. Your girlfriend is angry with you and does not want to talk to you for some time…

Talking To Women – Creating A Chemistry

What is more important in talking to women- the substance or the style? What do you think…

Are You Going Overboard To Impress Your Date?

Many men fail after the first date and then begin thinking about what went wrong…

Your Woman May Cheat Upon You

Do you think that your woman will not cheat you? Then you are in for a shock..

Even Women Can Hurt

Women are considered to be the weaker sex. It is a common belief that men are more vicious then women…

Does Your Wife Make You Feel Guilty?

Men face this problem of guilt. Why men suffer more from guilt compared to women is a mystery…

She Is Not The Woman I Loved

She is not the woman I loved. The woman I loved was a very compassionate and caring person…

Are You Secure In Your Love?

Most of the men look strong on the exterior. At least that is what they want to convey…

Men – Know What Women Want?

What do women want? This question troubles many men. If they like a woman, how to attract her and how to keep that love

alive for long…

Are You A Gentleman Friend?

Are you a perfect gentleman? Someone every woman can treat as a friend? Someone who is very attentive…

How To Know If A Woman Is Interested In You?

Sometimes, it becomes difficult for a man to understand what a woman feels about him…

What Kind Of Men Do Women Like?

What does a woman want in her man? Who will attract her the most? What kind of men become great romantic partners…

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Every relationship has its pluses and minuses. For a strong relationship that satisfies both the partners, you have to consider yourself, your partner and the character of the relationship. If you manage to get into a relationship with the right person, you can have a long trouble-free journey. There are few pointers about how to do that. This section talks about them. Please read on…

Open Relationships

A relationship that gives you freedom to interact closely with many people may be termed as open relationship.

The Difference Between Relationship And Friendship

What is the difference between a close friendship and a close relation? Most of us believe that when friendship becomes stronger, it may turn into relationship. The truth is different.

Relationship – Saying I Love You

Most of us who are in relationships, love to hear from our partner that we are appreciated, and that we are very valuable for them and that they love us.

How To Save Your Relationship If You Are Getting Attracted To Someone Else?

Let us take an example. You are in a steady relationship. You love your partner and both of you have a good time together. You enjoy the relationship and do not want to destroy it.

How To Know If Your Partner Is Trustworthy?

This is a common problem. All of us are looking for trustworthy partners but many of us get into relationships where our partner cheats us. How to know if your partner is trustworthy?

Do You Value Your Relationship?

Most of us believe that our relationship is most important to us. Some of us will say that it is more important than career and job. But is that true? The fact is that sadly this is not true. A small poem written by Ella Wheeler Wilcox speaks of this very eloquently-
There’s one sad truth […]

How To Have A Happy Relationship?

A relationship is very tricky. Tensions build up over time and one day both the partners cannot bear the stress of the relationship and give it up.

Happiness Is Not For Asking In A Relationship

Happiness is the primary need of all of us. All of us want to be happy and avoid pain. The beginning of any relationship also depends upon how happy….

Avoid Friction In Relationships

I have seen lot of friction between intelligent people in my life. How to avoid that friction so that one….

Does Rejection Scare You?

Many of us want to love. We want to go forward with love and have a partner for life. But we are afraid. Are you one of them? Sometimes when we are….

What Kind Of Relationships Survive?

Do you not ask yourself about the relationships that survive? Do you not wonder when you find a couple in love with each other after….

Follow These Golden Rules To Renew Your Relationship

When a relationship begins, everything looks rosy. The communication is great. Verbal and non-verbal communication between the partners is….

Do You Want An Agressive Or A Passive Partner?

The personality of your partner will decide the contours of your relationship. What kind of personality does your partner have? Is it aggressive or…

How To Renew When Relationship Gets Broken?

Relationships are very mysterious. A couple that found much joy with each other starts hating each other. Why does that happen? Did they not know….

Why Not Consider Being Single?

Why do most of us want to have a relationship? When I think I find that advantages of singles are so may that singles may be happier than….

How To Carry On After A Bad Break- Up?

How to carry on after a break-up? Some people get totally destroyed after a bad break-up and fell that….

How Do You Give Feedback To Your Partner?

Take this scenario. Your partner is trying something new with great enthusiasm. He/she expects to do something new and exciting….

Learning From Others Can Improve Your Relationship

Relationships have many faces. Sometimes it looks like a perfect round with no sharp edges. Other times it is a shape full of edges that hurt…

Are You Talking?

A relationship has many factors. Love, communication, affection, care for each other, helping each other, getting motivated because of the relationship and making oneself happy…

Will a Good Friend Become A Good Partner?

Friendship and love both are so dissimilar and both are so similar to each other! A lover is considered the best friend in our life. We share most of our thoughts with our romantic partner…

Does Your Partner Have Faith In You?

A relationship is based on faith. At least most of the relationships are based on faith. Some relationships are based on convenience…

How To Live A Satisfied Married Life?

Everyone has one or the other complain about the married life. Why we are not satisfied with our marriage…

Easy Ways To A Flourishing Relationship

Here are some easy ways to have a flourishing relationship under all circumstances…

Ingredients Of Healthy Relationship

Is your relationship healthy? Are you happy in your relationship or it is slowly eating away your vitals…

Relationship- Is Your Attitude Casual?

Your response to many situations is casual. You do not bother much. For example if there is a hurricane, thousand miles from your place, you treat it casually…

Relationship- What Are You Looking For In Your Partner?

Do you know about what you want from your relationship and what are you looking for in your partner to fulfill those needs?

Relationships- Avoid These Mistakes

Relationships are difficult to sustain. Very few relationships sustain for long with both partners totally happy…

Relationship- Do You Work On It?

To have a relationship that works, one has to work. Most of you take a relationship for granted once you reach a certain level of intimacy…

Do You Love Your Partner?

Many of you begin your relationship with love. At least you think that. Whether that was lust or infatuation can be found only after few years…

Friends After Breakup – Is That Good?

Recently, I read a forum post by a man saying that though he had broken up, he wanted to be friends with his girlfriend who had already got a new partner…

How Words Can Hurt Most In A Relationship?

Words are not only for communication. Words can act as weapons. These weapons can hurt more than physical weapons…

Relationships- Are You Getting Compassion And Care?

We are all human beings. None of us is perfect. We all make mistakes. We also feel weak many times…

Friendship And Love- Is Platonic Friendship Possible?

We make friends because we want to connect with others. We love somebody not only because we want to connect but also because of the hormones…

Happiness- Are You Asking It From Your Partner?

Happiness is the primary need of all of us. All of us want to be happy and avoid pain…

Cheating – To Tell Or Not?

So, you have cheated on your partner. You could not control yourself and you cheated on him/her..

Relating With Your Partner’s Friends

Many relationships get destroyed because you are also on very good terms with the best friend of your partner…

Relationships And Values

We have values that are dear to us. Some of us never bend the values under any circumstances. Values guide every person in making choices…

Relationships – Do You Look at Your Own Faults?

Imagine a couple having a troubled relationship. Imagine that both of them approach you and tell their story…

Relationships And Self Development

We make relationships to enjoy life. Our primary objective in a relationship is to connect with another person and derive physical, emotional and mental joy…

Abusive Relationships

Many women live in a relationship that is physically abusive…

What Game Are You Playing In Your Relationship?

You must have seen many plays. You might have acted in one or two…

Are You Unknowingly Destroying Your Relationship?

Many relationships break down because of communication. The partners do not communicate their true feelings to each other..

Beware Of Flattery – It Hurts A Relationship

“I love you for your great manners. Oh, I love the way you speak.” And so on it goes. We are talking about the game of flattery that many people employ to win their love

Relationships – Are You A Pet?

In many relationships, one partner acts as a pet of the other. How does a pet act? A pet is totally loyal…

Cheating In Relationships

There was a time, when marriages were considered sacrosanct. Except few, not many ever thought of cheating their spouse in a marriage…

Conflict Resolution In Romantic Relationships

Romantic relationship and conflict are two opposite poles. Conflict can kill a romantic relationship, because one of the conditions of a romantic relationship is – no conflicts…

Destructive Relationships

Every relationship that we have, is to make us feel happy. We relate to each other to get and give joy to each other in various ways…

Expectations And Relationships

Every relationship is a give and take. Even the relationship between a mother and her children is based on this…

Relationship – Discords And What You Can Do

No relationship moves as perfectly as we wish. We wish that our relationship will always be a cause of envy for other couples…

Relationships – Stop The Blame Game

I did so much to try and make her happy, but she refuses to acknowledge that. I have sacrificed all for him, and now he is showing his true colors..

Trust In Your Relationship

Trust means to believe. I trust you, means I have no doubt in my mind about your honesty, integrity and credibility…

Are You Romantic?

Being a romantic is an art. Many of you are born romantic. But this can also be learned…

Discomfort In Relationships

Have you encountered a situation when you feel very uncomfortable with your partner? You literally think that your partner…

Relationship For A Lifetime – How To Achieve?

In today’s world, to talk of a relationship that will last a lifetime looks a little out of place…

Close Relationship

How do we define close relationship between persons of opposite sex? When does the relationship become close? How will they relate to each other when…

Developing Healthy Relationships

What is a healthy relationship? What is required to have a healthy relationship? These are vital questions to live life in joy. ..

Nonreciprocated Love

‘You love him. You want him. You have tried to tell him, so many times, in different ways that you love him as much as you did in the beginning…

Nikhil Halder.

Partner (2008 film)

Partner (2008 film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

1) High six!

A cat’s front paws have 5 toes. Their thumb is higher up than the rest of the toes. The rear feet have 4 toes each. Sometimes, genetic mutations can make cats have upwards of 6 or 7 toes. This condition is called poly dactyl (many-toes)..……………….. ………………………………. ………………………………………………  ……………………………….   ………………………………..  ……………………………………….  ………………………………… …………………………………………………………  ………………………………………………………. ………………………………..  ……………………………….. ………………………………………………………… .…………………………….

2) Speed

Domestic cats can run in bursts of up to 30 mph. The fastest human Usain Bolt can only manage a measly 27 mph. …………………………………………………… ………………………………………………………… ……………………………………………………… …………. ……………………………………………….. ………………………………………………..

3) Cat Crack

Catnip comes from a variety of plants of the family Lamiaceae. Cats usually go crazy and start behaving wildly, almost as if intoxicated. If you’ve ever seen cats in the presence of catnip, you would probably understand why people call it cat weed. Approximately one third of cats are not responsive to catnip at all, and whether they do is dependant on genes and heredity. There is some confusion as to how this plant actually affects the cats. The active chemical in catnip was indentified as Nepetalactone, but the way it interacts with the cat’s brain is still unknown. Some have suggested that the chemical may resemble feline sex hormones.

4) Tortois Shell


Calico cats are cats that have 3 colors and are usually called tortoiseshells. Almost all calico cats are females because a cat must have 2 X chromosomes (XX) in order to display 3 colors at once. Males are XY, and therefore can only have 2 colors at most. However, on very rare occasions, a genetic defect can occur where a male cat has 3 sex chromosomes. These cats chromosomes look like XXY, and will be male but still have 3 colors. Unfortunately, being genetic mutants, they are usually sterile and will not be able to reproduce.

5) Purring

Cats that are purring are not necessarily happy. Although cats do frequently purr when petted, the purring actually symbolizes strong emotions in general. Cats frequently purr when they are in pain such as during birth or death.

6) Where’s the beef?

Unlike dogs, cats don’t have taste buds for sugars. This is reflective of their predatory ancestry. Felines are predominantly predators so they do not require the need to taste sugars.

7) Lactose Intolerant

Cats are always depicted in cartoons

as milk junkies, who will take any chance they can get to get at the white stuff. In reality, it is true that most cats, both adult and young will drink milk when presented with it. Most cats however, share a trait that some humans have: lactose intolerance. Most feline professionals will tell you that not only is milk a bad idea, but it can also be dangerous for kittens because of the indigestion that it causes. And like our fellow humans, you can buy specialty lactose free milk that are designed specially for cats!

According to some accounts, over 15 million people experience depression each year. Severely impacting one’s mood and mental health, depression disorders sap enjoyment and happiness from everyday life, leaving feelings of anxiety, sadness, loneliness, and helplessness. However, there are several things you can do to enjoy life again by attacking anxiety and depression.

Things You Will Need

A positive attitude and a willingness to try.

that certain foods can help in attacking anxiety and depression.

Eat more fruits and vegetables. Eating fruits and vegetables, which are rich in key nutrients and antioxidant phytochemicals, is a smart and effective method of increasing your health.

Eat more foods rich in folic acid and Vitamin B-12 such as grilled salmon, skinless chicken breast, caesar salad and broccoli. These essential vitamins have been shown to prevent disorders of the central nervous system as well as mood disorders and dementia.

Eat more foods containing selenium. Selenium rich foods (i.e., oatmeals, brown rice, seafood, etc.) are effective in reducing the symptoms of depression.

Eat foods rich in Omega 3 fatty acids such as fish and flaxseed which improve serotonin and dopamine pathways in the brain.
Step 2

Avoid Foods That Make Your Mood Worse. It is well known that foods packed with saturated fat can lead to heart disease and stroke. However, saturated fat has now been shown to contribute to depression.
Step 3

Avoid Beverages That Make Your Mood Worse. Being a chemical depressant, alcoholic beveragesare the worst offenders despite the temporary feelings of euphoria experienced by the consumer. Moreover, avoid caffineated beverages. Being a stimulant, caffeine immediately spikes the consumer’s energy. However, that energy spike crashes and can interfere with sleeping and causing increased irrability due to inadequate sleep.
Step 4

Exercise Your Body. Choosing an exercise that you enjoy can help alleviate the onset of depression. If you are on a tight budget, running or jogging is a great choice as all you need is a comfortable pair of running shoes and a weather appropriate outfit and you are “off to the races” (pun intended). While it may seem tedious and boring, the positive health effects are well established. If the weather permits, try locating a scenic area to run or jog. A nice environment to enjoy certainly helps pass the time and gives your mind something else to concentrate on. If, however, mother nature is less than cooperative, running on a treadmill is a good alternative. To help pass the time, simply grab your mp3 player and fire up your favorite iTunes. If your treadmill is in front of your television, catching up on your favorite show is a great way to trick your mind and body into not realizing what it is doing. As an added method of attacking anxiety and depression, recruit a friend or two to run with you. This will permit you to enjoy the companionship needed for depression help as well as making the time spent running seem as though it went by much quicker than it actually did. Plus it always helps to have that extra support to push a little bit harder.

TIP: Whatever exercise you choose, the benefits will be tremendous. Just pick one you enjoy and you will be more likely to look forward to it and not make excuses to skip it “for just today.” You do not have to train as if you were entering the olympics. However, you should gradually increase the level of activity. This will cause you to feel better physically and permit you to sleep better at night which will, in turn, help you feel less depressed.
Step 5

Exercise your mind. Most depression therapists will advise you to record your thoughts in a daily journal. Write down your emotions when you are sad and what event or events triggered those feelings of sadness. Then write down those things that make you happy. Once recorded in your journal, go do them! It has been shown that when people explore their creativity, signs of depression reduce. Whether it is painting, photography, sewing, or writing in your journal, these creative outlets help you understand who you are and what make you tick, all of which can help in attacking anxiety and depression.
Step 6

Relax. Yes, finding time to relax is difficult. However, stress and anxiety makes it harder to overcome depression by increasing symptoms of depression. Finding inner peace, even for short durations, can significantly reduce your feelings of depression. It can be as involved as taking a yogaclass, or as easy as listening to calming music while enjoying a long, steamy bath. The choice is yours but you must take affirmative steps to relax.
Step 7

Enjoy your friends and family. Your friends and family will likely be your biggest fans in wanting you to succeed in overcoming depression and anxiety. Lean of them for support. You will find that family members and true friends are all too willing to listen if you give them the chance. Ask for a hug! Nothing feels better when you are sad or lonely then a big hug from a loved one.

Another family member that will provide you with depression help is your pet. Not only does caring for a pet help take your mind off of the causes of depression, it has been shown that petting and hugging a pet will lower your blood pressure.
Step 8

Get the right amount of sleep. Whether it is not falling asleep easily or sleeping too much, sleeping healthy is difficult when suffering from depression. Try to get into a routine where you go to bed and wake up at the same time everyday because getting the correct amount of sleep helps overcome depression by helping ou feel better mentally and physically.
Step 9

Avoid drugs and alcohol. Note that I did not say “avoid your depression medication.” If you have been prescribed medicine to help you overcome depression, keep taking it until you are instructed not to by your therapist or doctor. However, likely to interfere with your medication for depression, alcohol and drug abuse, seek help. Be sure to disclose your depression diagnosis so that a plan to attack depression can be tailored to meet your needs.
Step 10

Finally, keep in mind that these steps are to supplement, not replace, your medical treatment or therapy. Keep seeing your therapist, attending your support group, and taking your depression medication.

Following these steps can help you enjoy life again by attacking anxiety and depression.

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