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When you are in a relationship there might come a time when you will start feeling that your partner is cheating on you and you might not feel like ignoring the instincts because they might be true.

Is Your Partner Cheating On You

Is Your Partner Cheating On You

Think your mate might be having an affair? Check out these 10 warning signs and take a action before the doom is near. Continue reading


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with women to succeed and what are the common pitfalls that have to be avoided to get the woman of your dreams.

save Your Hair

Woo Her With Flowers

Women and flowers have a love-love relationship since ages. Emperors used to order development of flower gardens just for their queens. Flowers are the eternal symbols of love. On your first date, take a bunch of flowers for your date. These need not be too expensive. Don’t take red Roses. Take yellow Roses instead if […]
Many men think that there is no place for chivalry these days. Girls may insist that they are independent and prefer doing things themselves. But being a little chivalrous at times never hurts. Every girl likes being treated specially. So opening the car door for your girl or pulling the chair back for her somewhere […]

Are You A Nice Guy?

How would you describe yourself- a nice guy or adventurous, funny, alpha male?

Improve Your Relationships

Relationships are complex things, but following these basics will help you make your relationships healthy and strong.

Buying A Christmas Gift For Your Lady Love

A Christmas gift for your lady love is not easy to select. Most of the men know how to woo women and how to present themselves well.

Why Do Men Batter Women?

In this century when we all talk of exploring mars and reaching help to the deep corners of Africa, is it not only surprising and also….

What If You Are Not An Alpha Male?

There is a lot of talk about alpha male in the articles. Who is an alpha male? Somebody who looks very confident, a winner, has animal appeal, knows how….

Notes About Fatherhood

For most of us, our first father is God. A large majority of the world considers God as their father; or rather call God as their father.

Is Your Relationship Happy And Healthy?

We are social animals. We need to relate to others for various reasons; we cannot exist alone happily. We need others to compare, share, give and take and feel together. Can Enhance Your Relationships

We are all looking for ways to keep our relationships strong. We also look for ways to improve the quality of the relationship.

What Women Search In Men?

Honestly speaking, no body can give an answer to this quiz. Every woman has different personality, goals, desires and mood.

What Do Women Prefer – Look Or Money?

Men and women have different roles in the society. Both the sexes also have different choices. Talking about gender equality cannot ignore the biological differences.

How To Win Women?

Every man has a woman of his dreams. He wants to win over her. He thinks about her and gets no peace till he wins over her. The woman may not be responding to him?

Do You Attract Women?

For many men, attracting women looks very difficult. For few men, it is very simple. The women get attracted to them automatically.

Are You Ready To Be A Father?

Getting married and having children is the way of life fort all of us. The question is – are we ready to get married and after that are we ready to become father?

Learn How To Tell Stories While Dating

Who does not like stories? I am not talking only about children, but also for adults. Whether you are watching television or reading a book, anything in…

How To Negotiate In Relationships?

Negotiation is part of every day life. To negotiate means to arrive at an understanding with another person, so that both are happy and…

Gift Ideas To Pacify Your Angry Girlfriend

Are you facing relationship problems? It happens with many of you. Your girlfriend is angry with you and does not want to talk to you for some time…

Talking To Women – Creating A Chemistry

What is more important in talking to women- the substance or the style? What do you think…

Are You Going Overboard To Impress Your Date?

Many men fail after the first date and then begin thinking about what went wrong…

Your Woman May Cheat Upon You

Do you think that your woman will not cheat you? Then you are in for a shock..

Even Women Can Hurt

Women are considered to be the weaker sex. It is a common belief that men are more vicious then women…

Does Your Wife Make You Feel Guilty?

Men face this problem of guilt. Why men suffer more from guilt compared to women is a mystery…

She Is Not The Woman I Loved

She is not the woman I loved. The woman I loved was a very compassionate and caring person…

Are You Secure In Your Love?

Most of the men look strong on the exterior. At least that is what they want to convey…

Men – Know What Women Want?

What do women want? This question troubles many men. If they like a woman, how to attract her and how to keep that love

alive for long…

Are You A Gentleman Friend?

Are you a perfect gentleman? Someone every woman can treat as a friend? Someone who is very attentive…

How To Know If A Woman Is Interested In You?

Sometimes, it becomes difficult for a man to understand what a woman feels about him…

What Kind Of Men Do Women Like?

What does a woman want in her man? Who will attract her the most? What kind of men become great romantic partners…

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